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The Hut on School Road has been our base from the very first service held by Seaton Community Church back in 2012. Once numbers were too many to fit in the Hut, we started having Sunday services in Seaton Primary School, still using the Hut for mid-week ministries.

In 2017, we were made aware that the ownership of the Hut was in discussion with the council and that it was going to be on offer through a community asset transfer. So we then started on the journey of applying for the transfer of the property.

After several meetings with the council, we were able to submit our application and put in an offer. At this stage, the transfer only included the area in which the existing Hut building stands. An inspection of the Hut concluded that it was unfit for purpose, therefore the only way forward would be to demolish and rebuild. This being said, we made preliminary plans of what could potentially be built in the place of the Hut with the main purpose being to be used for the community.

Further down the line, we were made aware that the council depot and a patch of grass land behind the Hut was going to be included in the transfer. Towards the end of 2018, the council held a meeting in which the asset transfer of the Hut was to be discussed. In conclusion of that meeting, the council approved our application and gave us the Hut with the depot site included.


It has been a long journey with a number of delays and challenges along the way, but we are so thankful to God for His provision and His hand in all of the details. We look forward to what is ahead! 

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