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Coffee and Conversation

Restore Cafe

Connect    Support    Encourage

Starting Monday 30th January, 11am-2pm at Seaton Community Church.


All women are welcome.

Restore cafe is a space for women in the Seaton community who are looking to connect with each other and find support and encouragement through connections made.


We provide support for those who may be in crisis situations and can refer to other services. Our heart is to provide a safe place for those who are isolated, lonely and perhaps struggling with issues life can present at times. 

Asking for help doesn’t come naturally, it can actually feel like a chore.
Independence and self reliance, is this not what we all strive for?

Guilt, shame, trauma and pain.
The things that hold us back.

While prideful barriers of protection go up and surround us like a wall.
The ability to trust others, doesn’t seem very appealing at all!

Those of us who have been hurt before, you understand the patter.
Hold onto these for too long though and we become blind to what really matters.
What if reaching out looks like letting go?

Isn’t that careering out of control?
Independence, self reliance, grasping hold of control.
All these things on the face of it seem okay, but aren’t they actually taking a toll?

What happens though when we just………..STOP.
Just for a moment and fix our eyes on Jesus?

In the midst of the chaos, peace comes down like a free gift from heaven.
A life changing second, a heart surrendered and in letting go there was no collision!

Instead, a resounding peace, a beautiful calm, a rescue plan in motion
A life arrested, a soul contested, freedom from an isolated prison!

These are just my thoughts on being stuck, the difficulty of reaching out for help, my struggles and
vulnerability and ultimately what brought breakthrough for me.

We are opening Restore Cafe with the aim to provide a safe space and an opportunity to reach out for
women in the community of Seaton. Why not start reaching out today, by planning to come along!
Whatever reaching out looks like for you today, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Harness available support around you
Explore your vulnerability to believe in someone other than yourself
Learn that trusting safe people within boundaries, can be a freeing experience
Patience is needed in your growth, learning and healing to achieve a different outcome for your life

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